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Micro Pendant range IP20

Micro Egg Pendant IP20

The Micro Egg Pendant System is designed for use in retail, hospitality and residential projects. It is a technical lighting product in a discreet and decorative housing.

Despite its tiny size (the body is only 45mm from top to bottom) each Micro Egg Pendant can produce up to 200 Lumens.

A range of TIR optics and a customisable 2 Watt LED light engine allow lighting designers to achieve highly controlled accent lighting.

The pendants come in any anodized or RAL powder coat finish to order and there are a range of decorative cable options available.

The pendant can be suspended from Radiant’s Micro Track, which is one of the smallest section low voltage tracks on the market.

Alternatively, the pendants can be suspended from an individual surface mount base, with a matching anodized or powder coat finish.

The pendants can also be suspended plurally from a larger surface mount base. Custom arrangements of multiple pendants can be requested.

Integral LV drivers can be housed in the track adapter or surface mount base. Remote driver versions are also available.

The light engine and lens are deeply recessed in the pendant body to eliminate any glare and to ensure maximum visual comfort.

The interior section of the pendants has a matt black finish to further ensure a low glare effect.

The Micro Egg Pendant IP20 won a German Design Award for Excellent Product Design (Lighting) in 2019.

Here’s what the jury said about it:

With its distinctive egg shape, this decorative downlight creates an unusual and elegant lighting atmosphere. It also provides superb lighting quality thanks to the use of cutting-edge lighting and control technologies. A very beautiful design that’s been executed impeccably.

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