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F Grazer IP20

LED linear lighting system

The F Grazer system has been developed for use in hospitality lighting projects, to produce surface grazing effects where a minimal and cost-effective solution is required.

In its simplest form the 330 mm light engine modules, complete with narrow elliptical lenses, are combined with the extruded body heat sink to provide an efficient concealed grazer luminaire. Direct fixing through the heat sink extrusion.

Glare control louvres, optical film diffusers, clear covers and end caps can be added to create a fully featured linear lighting system. A self locking adjustable angle version is also available.

On board constant current linear drivers ensure the tightly binned LEDs are run at the optimum drive current.

Up to 10 mtrs of the system can be run from a single remote LV power supply. Dimming by a separate pwm channel with interface to all standard dimming systems.

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