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3D LED Flex Range

Modular + Linear + Flexible

The multi-award winning 3D LED Flex system has developed from a custom solution for a Zaha Hadid designed building into a comprehensive modular linear lighting system with a vast range of options.

Ideal for use in a wide range of interior, exterior and underwater lighting projects where curved lines of light are needed to illuminate non-linear building surfaces, columns and domes. The patented mechanical joint structure allows the individual modules to be bent and twisted in three dimensions to follow the most complex building contours.

  • Flexible in 3 Dimensions & hand-bendable and lockable on-site
  • Four sizes, for projects of all sizes. Up to 11,000 lumens per mtr from the 200 size down to 4,000 lumens per mtr from the 25.
  • IP ratings of IP20, IP44, IP65, IP66 and IP68 submersible
  • A wide range of LED light engine, reflector and lens options available. White light, RGB, RGBW, and dynamic white options available
  • Wide range of bracketry and anti-glare accessories. Custom lengths up to 2.5 mtrs based on a 100mm or 200mm module length.

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